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In 1946, Holly High School became home to the "Bronchos." But it's pronounced, "Broncos." Why is the H in the name?

Fighting for NAS Babies, Part 1

Sadie Hughes speaks with a Michigan father whose five-month-old daughter had a difficult start in life. Abigail was born withdrawing from opioids. 

Fighting for NAS Babies, Part 2

A Michigan father seeks to educate people about Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome. In Part Two of our series, we take a look at what pregnant mothers struggling with addiction need to know.


Evan Kimball made the decision to become an organ donor. After his life ended in a car crash at the age of 18, his decision saved many lives.

As Tough As They Come

Travis Mills was a standout athlete in Vassar, Michigan that went on to serve his country in Afghanistan. His inspirational story helped inspire last year's basketball team.

Danielle Wentworth Goes Back to Back

Danielle Wentworth was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 2010. Her friends took the initiative to create a charity golf outing for her and other women in Genesee County fighting the disease. 10 years later, they’ve raised a lot of money. Danielle has beaten it...Twice.

Rosie The Riveter Statue

Phyllis Jones never saw herself as a pioneer for women in the workforce while helping to build the Arsenal of Democracy.

The Bad Axe resident went to work when her country needed her during World War II. Seeing a statue dedicated to her efforts was a long time coming.

Nassar Survivor Shares Her Story

Christine Harrison wanted nothing more than to be a Michigan State Spartan. She wound up becoming one of more than 200 survivors of the Larry Nassar Sexual Abuse scandal. Christine was one of many to speak directly to Nassar in the courtroom about the pain he caused them. 

Steve Gale: The Voice of the Falcons

Steve Gale found his calling to be a teacher at age 21. That was 49 years ago. Along the way, he found a second passion as the public address announcer at Freeland High School sporting events.

Loons Fans Find Love at Dow Diamond

Two fans of the Great Lakes Loons found out they shared more than just of baseball.

The Sac Court

An Indiana family moved to Michigan and built a basketball court in their back yard. It was a big hit in their neighborhood and the Freeland community.

Lions Fans Invade Indianapolis

Fans of the Detroit Lions turned parts of Indianapolis into Detroit. Tailgaters came in buses and brought lots of food, booze and a hot tub.

Lions at Colts Recap

The Detroit Lions were leading the Indianapolis Colts late in the fourth quarter until Matt Prater's missed extra point attempt allowed the Colts to take the lead away on their next possession. Prater was anxious to redeem himself.

Packers at Lions Recap

The party the Detroit Lions and their fans had been waiting 24 years for was wrecked by their arch nemesis, Aaron Rodgers.

Jeff Janis Breakout Night

For a guy who was taken in the seventh round of the NFL Draft back in 2014, it was more than a miraculous catch.

How The Lions backed into the Playoffs

The Lions went from "Forward Down the Field" to getting into the postseason in the most backwards way possible. Duff Tyler explains how it happened.


Gordie Howe was a Detroit icon. He made the sport of hockey fun for everybody. His passing on June 10, 2016 made it a sad day in Motor City.

Payton's Legacy

A high school girls basketball player has big dreams on the hardwood while playing for a school known for its legendary volleyball program.

Friday Night Hoops In The Thumb

It's Friday night in Marlette, Michigan. The place to be is in the Red Raider Gym.

Winter Came To Millington

For the Millington High School football team, the goal was to win a regional championship. For their fans, the goal was to just stay warm.

Swan Valley Mutes The Music

The 2017 Swan Valley football team earned a trip to the MHSAA State Football Finals after a crushing loss in week one. They turned off the music in the locker room and dialed up the volume on the field.

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